Fisherton Church

Fisherton Parish Church March 2015 (2)

The history of Kirkbride Church can be traced back to the 10th century, the ruins of which can be seen a short distance from Dunduff Farm.   Kil or Kirk means a Church and Bride the dedication to St Bride or Bridgit, an Irish Saint, legendary daughter of a prince of Ulster, and one of three patron saints of Ireland.

A preaching station was set up at Fiosherton early in the 19th century.   At one time the original parish merged with Maybole Parish.   The land for the present church was gifted by Mr Wallace ? of Drumbain and Communion Service donated by a Mr McHutcheon (Fisherton).

Fisherton Parish Church was built in 1843 and is situated on the A719 road five miles south of Ayr and approximately two miles north of Dunure, and is in the centre of the Parish.

The Parish was disjoined from Maybole in 1862 (Quoad Sacra Parish).

In 1914 the Church was extended by addition of choir and vestry.   The font was rescued from the ruins of Kirkbride and was mounted on a stone base from a disused pinnacle of the present Church.   A great storm of 1910 changed the front of the church.   Two photographs hang in the vestibule denoting the changes.

The Church bell was gifted to the church by the captain or company of a ship which was wrecked at the Millrhu about 1850.   The new bell was replaced some years later by a Mr McGarva, tenant at Drumbain, and is now rung from inside the vestry (the bell was removed recently from the roof as the stone upholding it was dangerous).

A Communion token, which belonged to a Mrs Mary McTaggart’s father and used in 1866 was given to Fisherton church recently.

A history scroll of Fisherton Church, undertaken by the late Rev Roger Hollin, now hangs in the church and contains a lot of interesting facts pertaining to the church from the time of Kirkbride to the present day.

The front gates to the church were dedicated to the McWhirters, local joiners in Fisherton.   The side gatges from the car park were presented by the family of the late Mrs Haslakiewiez.   The stained glass window was donated in 1932 by the McWhirter family.

The two side chairs at the communion table were donated in memory of Mr Walter Crosbie on 19 June 1952.   The main Communion chair was presented to the church on 13 October 1912 by the then Church Guild.

There are various memorials in the church, two of which are worth mentioning.   A Shield presented by the Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty to Dunure and District to commemorate the Adoption of HMML 135 during Warship week in February 1942; also a plaque sacred to the memory of John Campbell Kennedy of Dunure and Dalquarran 1873-1934.

Fisherton Church was linked to Maybole West Parish Church 1978-2003 when it was disjointed then and is now linked to Kirkoswald Parish Church since 31 January 2003.

Communion is celebrated three times a year in the church (dates being changed as from 2015), namely the last Sundays in January, April and Oxctober, and twice a year in the Kennedy Hall on the last Sundays in April and October.   Morning worship is at 9.45 am.

The first baptism recorded in the Baptismal register was Alexander Muir Cochrane on 27 March 1982.

Sunday schools were held in the village hall for local children, in the church for Fisherton and district children, and at Drumshang for farming and South district children.   Unfortunately the Sunday School no longer takes place.   There is also no Church Guild, although members now attend Kirkoswald Parish Church Guild.

Fisherton Church is a friendly wee church.

I have no doubt there is much more could be said about the church.   A stained glass window (secondary window) in the vestibule was designed and made by Marieke Sijbrand and was dedicated by the Very Rev Dr David Lacy on 23 August 2009.

Communion, as from 2015, will now be celebrated on the first Sundays in May and November.